Business Online – More Honeypot Secrets To Attracting Online Visitors

A recent news article made a comment about ‘the lonely world online’, which is quite an unusual idea given the prolific nature of the internet. How can it be lonely? It turns out to be referring to the whopping four out of ten British businesses with a website but zero visitors. Weighing in to add my pennyworth, I wrote an article about business online – how to attract online visitors like bees to a honeypot, and I wasn’t finished yet, so here are some more secrets!

To begin with, I had to get my head around the fact that it was possible for businesses online not to have attracted a single visitor – the whole idea of going ‘online’ was to gear business to the worldwide market place and reach beyond the normal boundaries of your city etc. But then I began to realize that businesses were just that, businesses, and probably not into furthering their online education to figuring out what makes a website work.

So, I jotted down four honeypot secrets to attracting and keeping visitors in a business online, which were:

1) You have to take responsibility to make your website work – not the designer

2) Create great words that work – good copy skill is essential in attracting visitors

3) Tell your visitor what’s in it for them – they aren’t particularly interested in cold facts.

4) Tell them WHY they need your product or service. Learn to link the facts with the benefits.

Of course, these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, and making your business online a success is a bit of a balancing act. So I dug up a few more honeypot secrets to attracting online visitors which are:

a) Grab your browser’s attention with a great headline. This is the very first thing they will see and decides whether they stay or go. There are several types of headlines including:

Call to action eg: “Sign up here for the latest news on oxygen….”
Question eg: “How much is oxygen worth paying for?”
How to eg: “How to get free oxygen”
Which one would you guess is the most popular? It seems that people are so inquisitive, they just have to know the “how to” for just about everything!

b) Tell your customer what you want them to do. The average browser may give your business online 10 seconds of his time, so you don’t want him to go away just having had a good read – tell him specifically what you are after. Do you want his email address to send him more info? Do you want him to buy your product now? Do you want him to sign up for your free newsletter? Whatever the next step is, tell him in the first few paragraphs so that if he doesn’t scroll down further, he knows.

c) Be Google aware. Google bots do a lot of comparison between the websites that are linked to your site and also the relevance of the keywords you are using to your online business content. Attracting online visitors means balancing keyword research with relevance and giving your target customers good content – when they type in a particular search phrase, your website has a good answer ready and waiting.

If you are new to business online, have you thought how you can further your online education to stay abreast of trends etc? The answer is by investing in learning new skills. Find out now how one online centre can supply you with everything you need to know to build a great business online. iMMACC is totally geared to showing both beginners and seasoned business owners how to market and sell any product using over 50 methods and strategies both online and offline. As an added bonus, you also get a free business to promote. I hope my ‘more honeypot secrets to attracting online visitors’ has been helpful.

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